Our Story


Our engineers set out to Design the World's First Phone Grip that matched how we Naturally hold our Phones. For some reason We all seem to Gravitate towards Leaning our phones on our Pinkies. Whether we are aware or not, it is something we all have in common. This is what gives us the ability to Balance our phones. But as Phones get Bigger and Heavier our Pinkies are the ones who suffer.


The Only way to Completely remove the Weight off our Pinkies was to Design a Grip that mounts Directly under Our Phones and Rotates 360° to adjust to any hand size and Move as we move. Give it a "Trigger" Shape for extra Comfort and The Coolest Name Ever! And just like that, PNKY™ Was Born.


Made in the USA and built from Glass Filled Nylon (a material as strong as steel). Complete This work of Art with a Textured Feel for Better Grip.


Like any Useful Tool PNKY™ comes equipped with a keychain cap and mini carabfor Safe Storage when not in Use. Two N52 Neodynium Magnet Cylinders built into Every PNKY™ and Steel Powder Mixed in the cap gives it a strong Magnetic Bond when not in Use.


We Pride ourselves on the Minimalistic Feel of PNKY™. There are many phone grips out there, but none like PNKY™.