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Because of the Smartphone design we're accustomed to, we all gravitate toward leaning our phones on our pinkies. It allows for a natural balance and uninterrupted access to the screen. Unfortunately, as phones get bigger and heavier, our smallest finger is left to carry all the weight. In fact, many people experience cramps in their pinkies and sometimes even a physical dent from the pressure of our Smartphones resting in the same place.

In order to combat this, our engineers at PNKY® set out to design the World's First Pinky Stabilizer that matched how we naturally hold our phones.

We discovered that the only way to completely remove the weight off our Pinkies was to design a Stabilizer that mounts directly under our Phones and rotates 360° to adjust to any hand size and move as we move. It is built with a "Trigger" Shape for your Pinky to rest on and a Black Stainless Steel Insert.

PNKY® is not only comfortable but also safe for your phone  

Made in the USA, PNKY® is a work of art with a textured feel for an impeccable grip.

PNKY® comes equipped with a magnetic cap and mini carabiner. Two N52 Neodynium Magnet Cylinders built into every PNKY® offering safe storage when not in use.


The PNKY® MagSafe Holster/ Kickstand 

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Better Balance has Arrived.