Stabilize your grip and Take the weight of your phone OFF your pinky for good

PNKY® Plugs into your phone’s charging port shifting the center of gravity and relieving pressure from leaning your phone on your pinky.

Let PNKY®’s 360° rotation adjust to your hand and move as you move.

PNKY® for a longer more pleasurable smartphone experience.

Better Balance has arrived.



“The Smarthritis™ Solution is the cell phone accessory for preventing arthritis caused by one-handed cell phone use.”

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  • Take the Weight Off Your Pinky

    PNKY® alleviates the everyday pinky pain caused by Leaning your phone on your Pinky.

    The secret to Better Balance is how PNKY®  mounts directly under your phone shifting the center of Gravity. 

    PNKY® will rotate to your perfect grip. While Redistributing the weight of your phone off your pinky.

    Use your phone for extended periods, all while avoiding damage such as Smarthritis™ (Extended Smartphone use+ Arthritis)

  • Not Just a smartphone accessory, a smartphone necessity

    PNKY®’s Lock in Grip feature allows you to capture everyone in your next Selfie.

    Just relax your hand and let PNKY® adjust to your grip. The perfect amount of Security and Balance when watching a video & everything in between.

    All while stabilizing your grip on your Smartphone.

  • Safe Storage

    Each PNKY® comes equipped with its own magnetic cap with an added ”snap fit” feature to lock in to place for safe storage. Including a branded PNKY®  mini carabiner.

    Simply remove PNKY® from your phone when not in use and snap into the cap. Hook the mini carabiner to your keychain or bag for safe storage until you need PNKY® again.

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Grip Different

”How do you hold your phone?”

Look down… Do you balance your phone on your pinky? Chances are you do. But you are not alone.

Unfortunately it is more common than you think. Just about half (49%) of one handed smartphone users counterbalance the weight of their phones on their pinkies.

PNKY®  was designed and engineered with only one thing in mind, to Remove the Weight of our phones off our pinkies.

Grip Different with PNKY® 

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See what people are saying about PNKY®

  • What People are saying about PNKY®

    “I use my Samsung Note constantly, and after extended use, I typically begin to feel pain in my pinky. This was a constant problem for me; however PNKY has solved that for me! No more damage from smarthritis, PNKY is worth investing in!” - Brooke P.

  • What People are saying about PNKY®

    “PNKY has changed my smartphone usage experience for the better. If for any reason I don't have my PNKY, it throws my whole day off. It comes in handy while I'm cooking and/or caring for my kids or speaking on video chat and performing another task simultaneously. PNKY FOR LIFE!!” Anthony C.

  • What People are saying about PNKY®

    “WHAT A RELIEF!! I have struggled with pain and cramping from holding my phone on my pinky for years! Finally, there is something to take the pressure off and give my pinky a break! Amazing product!!!” Dayna F.

*Remember to remove PNKY® from phone when not in use to avoid damage.

*Not for children under 12 years old.