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PNKY™ is a Revolutionary smartphone accessory engineered to help alleviate the everyday pinky pain caused by overuse of your smartphone.

Our engineers set out to Design the World's First Phone Grip that matched how we Naturally hold our Phones. For some reason We all seem to Gravitate towards Leaning our phones on our Pinkies. Whether we are aware or not, it is something we all have in common. This is what gives us the ability to Balance our phones. But as Phones get Bigger and Heavier our Pinkies are the ones who suffer. The Only way to Completely remove the Weight off our Pinkies was to Design a Grip that mounts Directly under Our Phones and Rotates 360° to adjust to any hand size and Move as we move. Give it a "Trigger" Shape for extra Comfort and The Coolest Name Ever! And just like that, PNKY™ Was Born. Built Entirely in the USA and Made from Glass Filled Nylon (a material as strong as steel). Complete This work of Art with a Textured Feel for Better Grip. Like any Useful Tool PNKY™ comes equipped with a keychain cap and lanyard for Safe Storage when not in Use. Two N52 Neodynium Magnet Cylinders built into Every PNKY™ and Steel Powder Mixed in the cap gives it a strong Magnetic Bond when not in Use. We Pride ourselves on the Minimalistic Feel of PNKY™. There are many phone grips out there, but none like PNKY™.

Take The PNKY™ CHALLENGE Today and Remove the weight of your smartphone Off your Pinky for Good!

Help us Put an End to #SMARTHRITIS (Overuse of Smartphone + Arthritis) and Save the World One Pinky at a Time.

That is "The PNKY™ Promise."

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Works on Apple iPhone (Lightening) • All Samsung (USB-C) • Google Phones (USB-C)

PNKY™ plugs directly into your charging port (Lightening or USB-C) to provide the perfect center of gravity to counter balance the weight of your pinky for a comfortable & relaxing grip.

PNKY™ Fits Slim Cases Only


PNKY XL Fits Bulkier Cases



  • Better Balance

    PNKY™ Patented 360° Degree Rotation Technology Moves as You Move. Allowing You to Reach All 4-Corners of Your Keyboard with a Natural grip, while Redistributing the Weight Off Your Pinky and letting Gravity do All the Work.

  • Take the Weight Off Your Pinky

    PNKY™ is Ergonomically Designed and Engineered for Satisfaction. PNKY™ alleviates the everyday pinky pain caused by Leaning your phone on your Pinky. Adjusting to each individual grip PNKY™ will rotate the weight of your phone off your pinky. Use your phone for extended periods, all while avoiding damage such as Smarthritis (Smartphone + Arthritis)


    That's the PNKY™  Promise!

  • Lock in Grip Feature

    PNKY's Lock in Grip feature allows you to capture everyone in your next Selfie. Just relax your hand and let PNKY™ adjust to your grip. The perfect amount of Security and Balance when watching a video, & everything in between, all while maximizing the grip on your Smartphone.

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Stop the "Pinky Pandemic"

Due to the necessity of smartphones to keep up in today's society, pinky pain (from leaning the weight of your smartphone on your pinky) has become a problem. As newer Phones get released with more memory storage and bigger batteries, it adds to the strain on our pinkies. Also leading to more serious problems down the line like Smarthritis (a name coined from overuse of smartphones leading to arthritis). Keep a Natural grip on your phone with PNKY™ and enjoy a true "Smart" Phone Experience.

Even Celebrities Lean their Phones on their Pinkies

Studies have shown 50% of One Handed Smartphone Users Counterbalance the Weight by using their Pinky.

The ergonomic design of PNKY's "trigger" Shape and 360° Rotation shifts the center of gravity from your pinky to your knuckle.

Slightly Lean your phone back and Enjoy Better Balance.

Simple Instructions to Better Balance with PNKY™

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Watch what people are saying about PNKY™

  • What People are saying about PNKY™

    “I use my Samsung Note constantly, and after extended use, I typically begin to feel pain in my pinky. This was a constant problem for me; however PNKY has solved that for me! No more damage from smarthritis, PNKY is worth investing in!” - Brooke P.

  • What People are saying about PNKY™

    “PNKY has changed my smartphone usage experience for the better. If for any reason I don't have my PNKY, it throws my whole day off. It comes in handy while I'm cooking and/or caring for my kids or speaking on video chat and performing another task simultaneously. PNKY FOR LIFE!!” Anthony C.

  • What People are saying about PNKY™

    “WHAT A RELIEF!! I have struggled with pain and cramping from holding my phone on my pinky for years! Finally, there is something to take the pressure off and give my pinky a break! Amazing product!!!” Dayna F.

*Remember to remove PNKY™ from phone when not in use to avoid damage.

*Not for children under 12 years old.