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“Phone-xiety” The Fear of Dropping your Phone

“Phone-xiety” The Fear of Dropping your Phone

The Hazards of Dropping your Phone is causing more than a Cracked Screen

According to research one out of three Americans currently have cracked screens on their phone.

In a recent study, it was discovered that we drop our phones and retrieve it from disaster about 6 times a week, and actually do drop our phones, 4 times a week. One-third of Americans have dropped their phone in the toilet!

Further research has established that 52% of people with smart phones have a fear of dropping their phone and breaking it. Are you feeling anxious reading this info? There is no doubt, we have added a new anxiety disorder to our already stressful lives. Some are calling this “Phone-xiety.”

Oddly enough, in other polls, people have shared that they would rather have bodily harm if it meant their phone would be safe. Some would pay $475+ if it guaranteed them that they would never drop their phone again.

The problem is all about balance and gravity! Phones are just not made to hold securely. Bulky phone cases can possibly help to keep your phone safer. However, they are also awkward to hold as well. Phone grips are a good alternative. A new product called PNKY is a phone balance stabilizer for one handed smart phone use made for texting. It allows you to anchor your phone securely. This mini-stabilizer is small & convenient to use and can fits in your pocket. It is not one of those invasive stabilizer’s that are awkward and mainly for camera shoots & video’s.

Since 76% of us are addicted to our phones, we will have to get around the hazard of using them. Try PNKY. They have a 30 day try out period. There is nothing to lose.

Try a PNKY now!