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What is Pinky Propping?

What is Pinky Propping?

One-hand texting style has become a common way of holding phones, leaving most of the weight on our pinky. Although, this phone position may feel natural and efficient, it’s actually doing more harm than good. Discover the dangers of Pinky Propping.
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Smarthritis (formally known as Smartphone Pinky) is a condition caused by overuse of smartphones and the effects they have on the “pinky” finger

Smarthritis: What Is It? And How to Cure It

People everywhere are suffering from Smarthritis™ . Even if you have most likely felt the effects of Smarthritis™  in your life, but you’re probably asking yourself…what is Smarthritis™ ?
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Symptoms of Smartphone Addiction

Symptoms of Smartphone Addiction

Whether sending work emails or browsing Instagram, we spend most of our waking hours on screens. This continuous use of phones affects our fingers. Pinky Propping, formally known as Smartphone Pinkie, is becoming common.
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The Evolution of Mobile Phones: How we are Affected

The Evolution of Mobile Phones: How we are Affected

Motorola invented the first handheld mobile phone in 1973. Martin Cooper, one of the engineers, made the first call on a DynaRAc8000X. Cell phones became popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s. As wireless networks improved technology shifted from cell phones to smart phones. The first Smartphone version was invented by IBM called the “Simon Personal Communicator.
Sales became available in 1994 with features to not just make a phone call but also send and receive emails. Included were programs like a calendar, address book, appointment scheduler, electronic notepad.
The “Apple Smartphone” spun onto the scene in 2007. The first full internet experience hit the market and it has never been the same.
Everyone owning a Smartphone is constantly on it. It is our source of information for anything or anyone. It is our entertainment from music, to video’s, to news up to the minute news. Social Media rules the lives of many from our children to our grandparents. Life will never be the same before the “Smartphone” entered our space.
Is it all for the good of mankind? Everyone has an opinion. Rule of thumb says, too much of anything is “not good.”
Some people live on social media: Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and many others can be addictive.
According to a statistical study conducted in February of 2021,we get a clear view of Smartphone usage in the U.S.
The survey claims the daily usage not including work related time:
Time% of users
1 hour        5%
1-2 hours     16%
3-4 hours     22%
5-6 hours     46%
7+ hours     11%
Some of the new terms that evolved from hours of Smartphone”usage are:
Nomophobia” the fear of being without your cell phone.
“Text Claw” causes finger cramping and pain in your hand fromcontinually scrolling.
“Text Neck” neck pain from staring at your phone.
“Smartphone Pinky” caused by people balancing their phone on their pinky while texting, watching videos and reading.  Is your pinky bent or indented in an abnormal way? The theory is holding your phone against your pinky will cause indentations and deformities of the pinky finger over the course of time. These deformities occur because your pinky is tuck supporting the phones weight.
Many are on social media showing their pinky dents including movie stars! While we do not know the long term of any of the issues “Smartphones” cause us, we know that no one is giving them up.
Looking for alternatives to help alleviate these things are the only way to go. We do not have all the answers but we do have one that can help with “Smartphone Pinky.” Grab your smartphone and go to www.pnkystore.com.  PNKY is a new solution for smartphone pinky. Your best bet is to try it and see how you will have better balance and relieve the weight off of your pinky. Take the PNKY challenge.
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The Fear of Dropping your Phone

The Fear of Dropping your Phone

According to research one out of three Americans currently have cracked screens on their phone.

In a recent study, it was discovered that we drop our phones and retrieve it from disaster about 6 times a week, and actually do drop our phones, 4 times a week. One-third of Americans have dropped their phone in the toilet!

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