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Smarthritis (formally known as Smartphone Pinky) is a condition caused by overuse of smartphones and the effects they have on the “pinky” finger

Smarthritis: What Is It? And How to Cure It

People everywhere are suffering from Smarthritis™ . Even if you have most likely felt the effects of Smarthritis™  in your life, but you’re probably asking yourself…what is Smarthritis™ ?

Generally, arthritis is a term used to describe joint inflammation. Hence, Smarthritis is a term used to describe arthritis resulting from smartphone overuse. 

In our society today, having a smartphone has become a necessity. Thus, people spend a large majority of their day using and interacting with their smartphone. Subsequently, this extended and constant smartphone use creates stain and unnecessary pain in people’s hands, fingers, and joints leading to the term Smarthritis™. This article contains all the necessary information about the causes and cures for Smarthritis™.

Key Takeaways

Smarthritis™ is a form of joint paint caused by constant extended smartphone use, all while resting the weight of the phone on your pinky finger. 

How to Diagnose Smarthritis

Identifying the problem is the first step toward solving it. However, Smarthritis™ can be very difficult to diagnose. If you have the condition, you'll begin to experience symptoms like: 

  • Stiffness in your pinky finger. 
  • Inflammation in the affected area. 
  • It is even possible for you to experience numbness in the joints from time to time. 

However, you can get a proper diagnosis from a Orthopedic Hand Specialist. 

Smarthritis™ as mentioned earlier, can start in the pinky and travel to the wrist area due to the frequent overuse of smartphones

Three kinds of wrist arthritis can result from holding smartphones. They include: 

Distal Radioulnar

This kind of arthritis occurs when the radius and Ulna bones meet in the forearm.


This is the kind of arthritis that occurs in the eight small carpal bones found in the wrist. 


Radiocarpal arthritis forms where the radius, ulna, and carpal bones meet. 

Cure for Smarthritis

Arthritis is a terrible inflammation that weakens and affects the joints. It has several dire symptoms such as swelling & redness of joints, difficulty in using that part of the body, stiffness, etcetera. As cruel as this disease could be, it has no cure depending on which joint is affected.

Thanks to diet, exercise, physiotherapy, and pharmaceutical drugs, patients can manage the pain and rate of deterioration, but when it gets severe, surgery is inevitable. Modern science and technology have aided diagnosis & heightened the bar of delay to keep the progression and severity of the condition at bay. 

Smarthritis™ is quite milder than your average arthritis experienced in knee joints or the shoulders. Since Smarthritis Only affects the pinky finger and wrist joints due to balancing the weight of our smartphones on our pinky finger.  

Cure for Smarthritis  include: 

Alternating Cold and Hot Compress

You can use hot water to massage the affected area. Although you should ensure you're alternating with cold water during compress sessions. This will help reduce inflammation and swelling. 

Hand Exercises

Doing little hand exercises can help treat Smarthritis™. You can bend your fingers slowly and carefully and do the same with your wrist from time to time. Just try not to be too harsh while doing these small exercises. 


Resting the parts affected by Smarthritis will help treatment work faster. And in cases where the Smarthritis™ is still very mild, resting the hand and fingers more can treat it. 

How to Prevent Smarthritis

Using Ergonomic Smartphone Grips like PNKY™  

Since Smarthritis results from frequently holding your smartphone, you can use ergonomic smartphone grips like PNKYto help support the weight of your smartphone. Smartphone accessories like PNKYare revolutionizing the industry with products that alleviate the everyday pain from smartphone overuse. PNKY™ is an inexpensive solution to a painful situation. If you haven’t given this tool a try it’s definitely worth it!

Operating Heavy Phones with Both Hands

As we have seen smartphones improve by integrating larger batteries and more memory. This means a larger and heavier phone. Another option is to alternate hands while using your smartphone for extended periods of time. Switch from left or right hand or use both hands to alleviate constant pressure on your pinky, which can eventually lead to Smarthritis™.


Smarthritis™ may be a new name, but it is not a new condition. However, it is only very common now because of the rate of smartphone overuse. Preventing this condition is possible as long as we are aware while using our phones to take the necessary precautions.  So, try all the preventive measures while using your smartphone and put an end to Smarthritis™.