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What is Pinky Propping?

What is Pinky Propping?

Technology is one thing we are all grateful for and love. It makes challenging daily activities simple, and the best part is that we have access to portable computers - smartphones. Think of all the things you can do using a phone, ranging from communication to reading maps, texting friends, engaging in video calls, etc.

It’s without question smartphones have become an integral piece of technology in our daily lives. Smartphones act as an extension of ourselves that enables us to access to the digital world, without it we would be drastically separated from the world around us.

Due to their integral nature, a one-hand texting style has become a common way of holding phones, leaving most of the weight on our pinky. Although, this phone position may feel natural and efficient, it’s actually doing more harm than good. Discover all the dangers of Pinky Propping just below.

Key Takeaways

Pinky Propping has become a common problem due to the integral nature smartphones play in our daily lives. Constant use of phones in a one-handed position that rests all the weight on your pinky finger, is called pinky propping. Such conditions cause dents, stiffness, pain, and numbness. 

pinky propping

What is Pinky Propping?

Pinky propping refers to leaning, resting, or supporting a mobile phone on your pinky; it can cause a pinky phone dent or ‘pinky dent’, which is a noticeable bend in your finger created by the weight of the smartphone. Nevertheless, this pinky phone concern is not surprising, we use our phones for over 12 hours a day! 

Top 7 Tips to Prevent Pinky Injuries & Treatment.

If you’re a victim of Pinky propping, don’t worry it’s not your fault. Propping items on your pinky is just a natural subconscious reaction for holding with support. However, the good news is that there are tips to avoid it, so let's begin.

Top 7 Tips to Prevent Pinky Propping finger pain

  1. Purchase a PNKY™ , it’s a one-of-a-kind smartphone accessory engineered to help alleviate the everyday pinky pain from smartphone use, a.k.a. #smarthritis (formally known as #smartphonepinky).
  2. Change hands. When you realize you've used a particular position to text for a long time, it's best to switch to another hand posture.
  3. Go for shorter texts and use a voice recording for long messages. Fortunately, many apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram have the voice recording feature.
  4. Use text swiping to form sentences faster rather than typing letter by letter. 
  5. Rest for short periods before resuming phone use.
  6. Do hand stretching exercises to loosen up your joints and relax the muscles.
  7. Place your smartphone on a stand or counter and text from there.

Pinky Propping Treatment

There are home and professional treatments for this pinky issue as they are not always alarming. The best home remedies for such conditions include:

  • Take a break and rest your hands. While this may not be easy to form as a habitual act, you can take baby steps by having daily breaks.
  • You can use ice bags on the finger if it feels stiff.
  • You can practice a heat remedy to minimize the swelling.
  • Taking a mild pain reliever will do the trick if you feel pain.
  • You can use a splint to support your pinky and protect it from inflammation.

This pinky pain may persist even after practicing these home therapies, so visiting a hand specialist would be best. The doctor can give you other medications and injections if the numbness or pain is severe and restricts you from engaging in other activities.

FAQs about Smartphone Pinky

What is a pinky dent?

Pinky dents are impressions on your last finger or bend resulting from resting your smartphone on your pinky for a long time.

Why does my last finger have a dent?

This dent occurs due to your pinky's excessive strain and tissue compression from your phone's weight. But it isn't permanent, so don't worry.

Can my smartphone harm my last finger?

Excessive phone use can damage your pinky, so minimizing phone use over hours would be best.

Why does my last finger bend on my smartphone?

It does so due to the position of your phone when using it. Resting a phone's weight on the last finger while texting is a regular practice, but that doesn't make it right. It would be best to use PNKY™ or two hands to balance the weight.

Many experience this pinky phone issue, so we'd love to hear about your experience and if the listed tips helped you in the comment section.

Phone elbow

A fundamental cause of a phone elbow is holding your mobile device while laying down or bringing it too close as it creates pain and uneasiness in the forearm. A phone elbow is a medical injury called Cubital tunnel syndrome. The contact between the shoulder and ulnar nerve extensively influences it.

Text Claws

The text claw is a the discomfort or pain you feel throughout your hands and wrist when repeatedly performing in micro-motor movements i.e. texting on your phone. It’s possible if left untreated it could progress into tendonitis. 


Apart from medical issues of excessive phone use, mental and social concerns exist, leading to addiction. Many people always rely on smartphones, causing excessive procrastination, lack of sleep, etc. Also, it could cause Nomophobia - a psychological condition when people have a fear of being detached from mobile phone connectivity, in worse cases.


Pinky Propping is simply a byproduct of our need to be connected to the digital world. Smartphones play an integral role in our daily lives and it’s because of this that Pinky Propping has become such a global issue. However, thanks to creators like PNKY™ there are new creative tools being developed to help alleviate the everyday pink pain. Learn more about PNKY™ here.